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Below are more testimonials and photos from buyers and their families about my wonderful Corgi puppies.

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    Kelly wrote about Taz:

    Hi Katleen,

    Just a quick update on our girl. She had her first outing to the dogpark today. There were no other dogs there but she enjoyed sniffing! Lol

    She is just the best dog ever! She is so very smart and well behaved. :)

    I can't tell you how happy we are with her. Thanks again and I have already decided to do obedience/rally with her. I can't wait!! :)

    Thanks again. She is the best!


    Kelly wrote about Taz:

    She did great on our long drive home, and is taking everything in here at home. She doesn't quite know what to think of the horses yet. Just keeps staring at them. :)

    Anyway, we are so happy with her. I will keep you posted on her progress.
    Thanks again,


    NO PHOTOS Beth wrote about Pippa:

    Kathleen, just wanted to give you a quick update on Pippa. She is
    something and has been great, She is definitely a pistol as you said, but Just so adorable. She has potty trained really well. Only 2 or 3
    accidents inside. She is actually going 8 - 9 hours at night which I am
    in shock about. The first few nights she got up once after around 5-6
    hours but is now consistently sleeping 8 hours. We take her back to the vet again this week and I have Registered her with the AKC as Fox Glen's Pippa. She moves around a lot when she is awake so we haven't gotten too many pictures of her yet but I'm hoping now that we are settled back in after my mother in law's passing last week that we will be able to share some photos with you shortly. Everyone who sees her or her pictures has fallen in love with her.

    Thanks so much for everything -


    Christy wrote about Cooper:

    Just thought I would send you guys some updated pics of Cooper. He is two and a half now and living the good life in Atlanta. I also saw Susie is up for adoption. Has she found a home yet?
    Anyway, hope you are well. Hope you enjoy the pics.
    Thanks, Christy

    Dereck wrote about Murray:

    He is doing great. He and the cat look like they are going to be best friends.

    Derek & Ashley

    Stephanie wrote about Bindi:

    Here are just a few more photos of bindi after a little photo shoot - and one from our last hike.

    Victor wrote about Winston:

    Here’s some pictures of Winston hanging out on the couch with me on a Sunday Afternoon.

    Lindsey wrote about Kupo:

    Hey there!!!

    Just wanted to let you know that Kupo and I had an AMAZING agility weekend this weekend in Perry, GA!!!  He ran all his runs very very well and even got 3 qualifying runs, two 1st places, and one 2nd place in his class!!!!!  Those three qualifying runs game him his novice jumpers title which I am absolutely thrilled about!!!!  I am so proud of him, and so blessed that I have such an amazing dog!!  Thank you again so much!!!!  Kupo is now "Fox Glen's Low Ryder NAJ (Novice Agility Jumper)"


    Photo coming soon Tom wrote about Lucy:

    Lucy is great- 20lbs and holding steady at that weight. Just got spayed and no issues at all. She is a real treat.


    Dave wrote about Darcy:

    Attached are some photos of Darcy in all her glory.  Just a little over a year old.  She is a treasure.  Hope all is well with you.

    Dave and Dianne


    Jingjing wrote about Mandy:

    Mandy is doing well. She is getting a lot bigger now. We have been taking her to the puppy training class in Petsmart for 6 weeks now. She learned some tricks, like sit, stay, leave it, take it, roll over, turn, spin, speak. She met some friends there too. She has good time going to the class every time. I attached a picture of her we took last week.

    Thank you very much for your help.


    Lindsey wrote about Kupo:

    Hey there,

    It's been a minute since I've given you a Kupo update. He is doing absolutely amazing!!! I love this dog to pieces!!! The spring agility season has kicked in so we are hoping to get his Novice title soon!! We will be going to the big trial in Perry this year and are so excited. He LOVED the snow last month...had a blast playing with his doggie friends in it. I've included some pictures for you too!!

    Thanks again for the perfect puppy!!
    - Lindsey




    Mandy owned by Jingjing and Chris

    Noelle wrote about Winston:

    Hi Kathleen,

    We love Winston! He's absolutely hilarious and is doing really well in his new home. He's always energetic and has learned how to play fetch with his favorite squeaky toy, although that doesn't stop him from racing laps around the house to burn off more steam. He also knows how to sit and a few other commands. We're working on down now. He's obviously very smart, and will go to the door now when he needs to go outside. We'll probably do an obedience class with him after Christmas.

    I've taken him to the vet a couple times for shots, and the people there all think he is adorable. The vet said he looks great and seems perfectly healthy. His rabies shot is on Friday. He's almost doubled in weight since we got him!

    Some friends of ours have two Australian Shepherds, and Winston loves to go over and play with them. I think he thinks he's a big dog too, and he actually does a pretty good job keeping up with them. I'm waiting until after his rabies shot to let him meet dogs we don't know as well, but we've made sure to introduce him to lots of people. He was a little shy when we first brought him home, but he's doing much better now and loves making new friends. Everyone thinks he's just the cutest little thing.

    I hope you like the pictures I sent. Winston is quite photogenic! He really didn't seem to mind the Santa hat too much, especially since we were distracting him with leftover Thanksgiving turkey while taking photos. He loves laying in my lap and getting his belly rubbed. We're having a lot of fun and are very lucky to have him.

    Thanks so much,

    Deanna wrote about Shelby:


    Shelby is doing great. Thank you so much for such a great puppy. She is as sweet as can be. Desmond is getting use to her and they play together more everyday.


    Tom wrote about Lucy:


    Merry Christmas from Tom, Eileen, Thomas and Lucy! Thought you might enjoy these pictures. Thanks again for the great puppy.


    Danielle wrote about Sully:

    Hey Kathleen,
    Just wanted to let you know how Sully is doing! He is the most perfect little puppy ever! He has adjusted well to our home and is doing very well when it comes to house training (only a few accidents) and he loves our border collies Molly and Daisy. He is very rambunctious and loves to chew and play! He is very friendly with everyone and has a fearless spirit that is just refreshing! He is on a schedule and we get up every morning and eat/play/walk, then we take about an hour nap and he's off and running again! He already knows the command "come," and we work on sit every day as well, he also knows his name! I took him for a vet visit today and they say he is very healthy and they could not stop talking about how cute he is! Again I want to thank both of you for taking such good care of your dogs, he has truly been a blessing in my life already and both my husband and I are looking forward to a long and happy life with him!
    We'll keep in touch!

    John wrote about Colbi:

    Hi Kathleen, just thought I'd update you on how his first couple of days went. Everything has gone smoothly. He had his checkup at Pets Are People Too with Dr. Bonnie Wilhite. She said he is exceptional in all phases, good bite, good alignment, and she said his little man parts have already arrived and dropped. We got the next round of shots. His next appointment is in three weeks.
    Talk to you soon. John and Jennifer

    Frances wrote about Laura Belle and Diego:


    Hi! Laura is a joy to us, she's our little love. I delivered Diego to Kurts precious family tonight. Thank goodness I had my little Laura Belle to come home to or I don't think I could have gone through with letting him go.
          He is the most precious puppy I've ever known. Smart, gentle, funny and the most cuddly fur ball ever. An experience like I have ever known. Maybe it won't work and I'll have to take him back!  :  )
           It will work, and I'm delighted. The children were so adoring and gentle with Diego. He bonded with everyone right away and after 20 min, he left my side and chose to be with Kurt.
           It was very hard for me but I think it was one of the nicest things I ever could have done.
           They'll be out of town the weekend of Nov 12, so I get to have him back for a few days! Life is good.
    Thank you for making the world such a lovely place to be.


    Lindsey wrote about Kupo:

    Hey there,

    Just thought I'd let you know that Kupo did excellent at his first Agility Trial. We had 5 runs, and 4 out of the 5 runs we got 1st place!!!! I was so proud of him...we both did much better then we thought! I am so happy.....he has such drive and enjoys this so much. I've got him entered in two more trials at the end of October!! Here's a couple pictures for ya!!!

    Thanks so much,


    Dave wrote about Darcy:

    Well, Darcy has been to the vet for her first visit. Everything went very well, no issues. She is now on her plan for shots and visits.

    She charmed everyone there and was very well behaved. Thank you very much for our new family member. My boys can't wait to get home from college to play with her.

    I have attached another picture of her in one of her best poses.

    Dave Lauer


    Alan wrote about Sam:

    Hey Kathleen,

    Just wanted to let you know that Sam is doing great. He is EXTREMELY playful and is a nut. He is also very smart! He learned to sit, speak, lay down, roll over, and shake hands in about 2 weeks. I have attached some updated pictures of him.

    Deanna wrote about Desmond:


    My husband and I recently got Desmond.  I wanted to let you know that he is in a good
    home and that we love him very much. Desmond and my husband Paul are nearly inseparable. We are thinking about getting a little girl corgi so that he will have someone to play with during the day when we are at work. I was wondering if you could let me know when you have some puppies available. I have attached a couple pictures of Desmond.

    Desmond's new home!

    Owned by Deanna and Paul

    Dave and Diane wrote about Darcy:

    Greetings from Lawrenceville,

    Darcy has arrived at her new home. We stopped by Georgia Tech on the way home for about an hour. Thank you very much for this cute puppy!

    Dave, Dianne and Darcy

    Darcy meeting our son at Georgia Tech....

    Christy wrote about Cooper

    Hey guys. Thought I'd send this picture of Cooper. He is about 15 months and 28 lbs now. Very smart and of course stubborn. I'll send a few more pics. Take care.


    Stephanie wrote about Bindi:


    Bindi is still doing great! We found her a best doggie pall/future boyfriend : ) . His name is Leo. He has champion bloodlines from both sides and is an absolute doll. I've never had a male dog before. He is so laid back compared to all the female dogs we've had and is a total goof. Bindi is very inquisitive and quick on her feet, while Leo is a cluts and has a rather dopey expression. In the pics he his about 4 months, and Bindi is about 8 months.

    Lindsey wrote about Kupo:

    Thank you so so so much for everything. He is absolutely perfect. We had a big day playing outside in the front yard...there was so much to sniff and look at, but now we're taking a nap in our crate. I could not be happier with him. Thank you so much for everything and for letting me have one of your perfect puppies!! I've already taken a bunch of pictures, but I'll definitely send some your way as he keeps getting bigger!! Thanks again!!!



    David wrote about Bella:


    Bella is doing great in her new home. She is teething so she is nipping and biting a lot. I am giving her chew toys and hides to help her. We have some great pictures of Bella. She likes sleeping in our coffee table cubby spots and I have a cute picture of here in there.


    Stephanie wrote about Bindi:

    Bindi is doing fantastic! She became great friends with our cat lowrider ( got his name because of his
    really short front legs ) right away and with my moms sheltie haley- they ran around like crazy together at my parents house.
    Thank you again for the beautiful puppy! i'll be sending more pics as time goes on.

    Thank you,


    June wrote about Max:

    Hey Kathleen,

    I am writing to you to let you know just how Max is doing. He has adjusted extremely well here in his new home. He is just doing just wonderfully and he is extremely playful and active. He loves to follow me around everywhere. I am planning to take him to the veterinarian sometime this week. I will definitely let you know how that goes. I know that he is completely healthy. He sleeps on his back a lot. I am still working on his potty training with him. He and I plan to start puppy class soon. I do hope to make him a great therapy dog one day. I did put his very first puppy collar on him and he seemed to not like it at first. But, then he got used to it. I have attached pictures to this e-mail. I will keep you updated on his progress as time goes on. Thank you so much for allowing Max to be in my life and be apart of my family. He is a real joy, a true friend, and a great member of my family.



    Jeff wrote about Kamille:

    She is a doll! We just love her. She is doing well and is so playful. Jessica has taken several pictures with her phone but I want to take some with the camera(12 megapixels) so they will display nicely on your web site.


    Pictures Below on an update of Kamille

    Lindsey wrote about Kupo:

    Hey there,

    Kupo is doing so well.  He's an absolute cutie.  He's been busy trying all types of new things...new puppy friends, training, swimming, kayaking, and so much more.  Here are a couple pictures of him....his ears are starting to come up which is making him super cute.  Thanks again for everything!!


    Jane wrote about Desmond:

    Here's a few pictures of our handsome boy..10 months old and doing great...

    Jane from Roswell, GA.

    Grace wrote about Bella:

    Hi Kathleen!

    I was just emailing you to give you an update on how our Bella was doing. Bella is doing just great!! We love her soooooo much! She is growing really fast! Last time we went to the vet, she was 11 pounds. Since then, she has grown so much, so now she is probably way more than 11 pounds. Her ears have also perked up!! It took her a while, but both ears are up now. She looks so different with the ears perked up! We just came back from a trip to Biloxi which is 6 hours from here. We decided to take Bella with us and she was soooo great during the long trip in the car. She has met so many friends at the doggie park and gets along so well with them. She also met many friends of ours and they all just absolutely adore her. She is so friendly! We mentioned your new litter this upcoming November to a few friends so you may hear from them. =) David and I are very blessed to have Bella in our lives.

    Thank you so much!! I don't know what we would've done without her. =)

    I am attaching a few updated pictures and also a video of me training her. She is sooooooo smart!!



    Here's the video of Bella during her training! Take time to watch it. It is sooo cute!


    You must have Quick Time Player or something that plays mp4 files.
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    If you wish to hear the video without the background music playing just click on the above controls to turn off 'Courtship of Eddie's Father' Then return here and click on the link for Bella's video. It will open in a new tab/window.

    Stephanie wrote about Bindi:

    Bindi is still doing great! I was telling my boyfriend the other day that I don't how I ever lived without her. I have to work so hard to keep myself from spoiling her too much. She is so smart! she already knows sit, stay, come, down, shake, play dead, spin, speak, leave it, take, take nicely and to walk nicely on a leash. We our now working on getting her to get me a tissue when i sneeze- she already goes to the tissue box and pulls a tissue out... but she doesn't bring it to me yet . Potty training is also going very well. She already knows to give me a sign when she has to go. Thank you again for my new best friend!


    Here she is with Lowrider, our cat

    Bindi with Best Doggie Friend, Haley

    Kamille owned by Jeff, Lisa and daughter Jessica of Douglasville, GA.

    Lindsey wrote about Kupo,

    Hey there,

    Just wanted to send you a quick update on Kupo. He is quite possibly the best puppy ever!!! It feels like yesterday that I brought him home. We're still keeping up with the agility. I included some videos of one of his first times on the equipment. We're looking forward to getting him more into it. Thanks again...I love him to death.


    Here's the link to the short video of Kupo working on the agility equipment for the first time:  Kupo Movie

    You must have Quick Time Player or something that plays mpg files.
    You can download Quick Time Player from
    If you wish to hear the video without the background music playing just click on the above controls to turn off 'Courtship of Eddie's Father' Then return here and click on the link for Kupo's video. It will open in a new tab/window.

    Fox Glen's Minnie "Bindi"

    owned by Stephanie, Statesboro GA

    Stephanie wrote about Bindi:


    I just figured i would send you a few new photos, I took them earlier today 12/27/09. I have been getting excited to see her coat begin to fill out on her chest and behind : ). My mom has recently purchased a starter kit for training dogs in agility. I have gotten so many comments about how great Bindi would do in agility so I figured I

    would give it a try.  Training her has been so easy so far so i cannot wait to start. I brought Bindi with me to my nephews first birthday party and her tricks where a hit, she was performing all night. Everyone's favorite was her ability to count. I taught her to speak up to three times so far - how ever many fingers I hold up, she speaks. She is so smart!

    Lindsey wrote about Kupo:

    Hey there,

    Kupo started his first agility class two weeks ago. We had to start in the Intro class since he is a puppy and has not done any agility before, but I am happy to say that after two weeks my instructors said that if they had an Intermediate class open that Kupo would have already graduated from the Intro class and moved onto the Intermediate class. He is having so much fun with the agility (I am too)....you can tell he just loves it.
    I just wanted to thank you again...I could not be any happier with Kupo. He and I are a perfect match. He answered my prayers on the kind of perfect puppy I wanted!!! Thanks so much. Here's a picture of him in the "snow" that we got. The video is of Kupo and his best doggie friends playing in the river. The dogs in the video are Kupo, Pedro (Rotti Mix - a friend's dog), and Colby and Brie (the friend of mine that you met...Brie, the brown Beardie is her new puppy, Colby, the gray one, is her older dog). Enjoy!!

    - Lindsey

    *Note: If you wish to hear the video without the background music playing just click on the above controls to turn off 'Courtship of Eddie's Father' Then return here and click on the link for Kupo's video. It will open in a new tab/window.

    Here's the link to the video of Kupo playing in the river*

    Remember you must have Quick Time or something similar to play .mov files.

    Jane wrote about Desmond:

    Is he great or what!!!!

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