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Below are testimonials and photos from buyers and their families about my wonderful Corgi puppies.

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    Debbie wrote about McCartney:

    Hello and Happy 2008!

    McCartney is now 11lbs. and is healthy and happy. He traveled to Pittsburgh, Pa (my hometown) for Xmas. He was a good boy as it was a long drive and made even more friends there. Here are some photos from 21 Dec 2007.

    P.S. I love the plate you made (my sister ordered).

    Best, Debbie and McCartney

    GO HERE!!



    Bridgette wrote about Duchess:

    Hey Kathleen,

    Here are some pictures of our new baby girl….we have named her  (AKC B & T’s Duchess Diva) shortened to Duchess around the house. She already rules the roost! She has an outdoor pen and three rooms in the house are sectioned off just for her….(until fully potty trained of course). She (and we) are getting lots of exercise and good cuddle time when she is getting sleepy.

    Enjoy the holidays!

    Brigitte and Tony

    p.s. puppy kisses from Duchess.

    Gina wrote about Annie:

    Dear Kathleen,

    Attached is a picture of Annie at 12 weeks. To her left is her best friend Daisy. Annie is a true joy. She has a wonderful disposition and is very smart. She has a great desire to please and is very easy to train.. Annie is just wonderful, Kathleen. I can't wait to see your upcoming litters.

    I'll send new pictures as I get them.

    Thanks, again.

    Jasmine 3 months old
    Owned by Christine

    Debbie wrote about McCartney:

    Good Morning,

    Here are some new photos of Mc Cartney.  He is a BIG BOY, doing very well and is a great companion.



    Victor wrote about Winston:

    Hi Kathy,

    Sorry it took so long to get the pictures for you. But finally - here's Winston. We have really enjoyed having him. He is in great health and getting bigger every day. He is 16 1/2 pounds now and is becoming a big boy. He is house broken and loves to run and bark at everything that moves. He is climbing stairs and learning how to stay and sit on command.

    Here's a picture for your scrapbook

    Thank you again,


    McCartney Update!  New picture 04/18/2008

    Owned by Debbie, Tucker, GA. 

    Victor wrote about Winston:

    Here are some pictures from this past weekend as he just completed a beginner's obedience class.

    Debbie wrote about McCartney:

    McCartney went with me to PA to visit my family. He had so much fun and as always made new friends.  All is well here and he is a wonderful companion and supervisor.  As the saying goes: 
    "You do not own a corgi, they own you." LOL!

    Debbie,  2008



    Christine wrote about Jasmine:


    I know it has taken me way too long to let you know how Jasmine is doing. Somehow time justs gets away from me.

    Jasmine is doing wonderful. She has such a unique personality and we just love her. I have attached a few pictures for you. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.


    Victor wrote about Winston:

    Here is Winston out for a walk. And here he is in his favorite places!


    Winston 2/13/2009


    Jane wrote about Desmond:


    Just a little note to let you know that Desmond is doing great!!!! We are enjoying him and I think he's enjoying us as well. His vet visit went great. He's in great shape. I started him on yogurt like you said and he loves it and guess what? His ears are up.. yea!!! Hope you and your family are doing well.. Thanks again for a great puppy...


    Elizabeth wrote about Olivia:

    Olivia is doing quite well...happy, very healthy, and of course more than precious. She is just the best puppy ever. She's obviously very smart and is learning potty training and everything else quite quickly. We are in love. Her ears aren't up yet, but are sure to be up soon, we're feeding her a little scoop of yogurt with her food every meal and she's moving them around a lot, so that has to be good. She went for her first vet appointment last Tuesday and will be back there again tomorrow. She was adored by everyone at the vet, of course.

    I'll send more with the pictures,
    Elizabeth and Peter

    Update!! 3/5/2009

    Hi Mrs. Kathleen!

    She started leaving one ear up today...I think it's finally going to stay up. We're so excited! And I finally loaded the pictures onto my computer after taking some of her with the ears in action. Here are some of my favorites, I hope you like them too! :)

    - Elizabeth & Peter




    Hey both ears are up now!!!



    Scott wrote about Saddie:

    Here are some pictures of Sadie. 2/23/2009

    pictured here at six weeks of age before going to new home. new photos coming soon!

    Gina wrote about Gunnar:

    Hi Kathleen

    Just a short note, to let you know that we’ve named the new puppy “Gunnar”. The name means “bold warrior” and it suits him perfectly.  Anyway, he’s doing fine – he’s so cute.


    Jane wrote about Desmond:


    Though you'd like to see how big he's getting..  Check out those ears!!! straight up!!

    Take Care,



    Kristen wrote about Clyde Barrow:

    Hey Kathleen!

    I've been meaning to write you and give you the update on Clyde. He's doing great and has been so easy and so much fun! He has learned to sit and we're currently teaching him to "shake" with his paws. For the most part he's already house broken, he'll go to the back door when he needs to go out. Clyde loves our yorkie, but she is still unsure of him. He listens well and has been to the vet twice for checkup/shots.... they absolutely love him there! I just wanted to inform you of his well being and ours too- we're all very happy! :-) Hope you and your dogs are doing well too! I've taken some great pictures of Clyde, once I upload them I'll send them your way!



    Christy wrote about Mr Cooper:


    Thanks so much for the email. I was very excited that someone was so impressed with Mr. Cooper. We are trying to exercise, socialize and feed him the best we can. Apparently it's working. Thanks for your support and for breeding great dogs.

    Sincerely, Christy

    Cooper at 12 weeks of Age

    In an email from Betty (President of the Douglasville Kennel Club)
    I saw Cooper at Petsmart Saturday, the puppy you sold to Christy, he is adorable. He is well behaved and has the best temperament. I've invited Christy to the kennel club. I liked his body too. Nice breeding.

    Cooper and a Friend

    Jane wrote about Desmond:

    Here is the latest picture of our boy Desmond..He is very handsome and doing great at almost 5 months old...Hope you all are doing well..

    Take Care,

    Kristen wrote about Clyde:

    Hey Kathleen! I'm so sorry I haven't sent you pictures of Clyde! But enjoy these pictures of him here. He's doing great and hope you and your family are doing well too!
    Take care,

    Debbie wrote about McCartney:

         Sorry, I have sooooo busy with school and life with an active McCartney. I just sent you a few pictures of him and a Corgi buddy. He is healthy (32lbs), strong, smart, affectionate and has that Corgi dry sense of humor.
         Thanks so much to you and Susie for both being such good corgi puppy moms!
         I will talk with you soon about bringing McCartney down to visit you all. He would love to see his old homestead!


    Gina wrote about Gunnar and Annie,

         Gunnar is now five months old and he weights 20.5 pounds! He's going to be a big boy. He's definitely a handful but I'm crazy about him. I thought you might like to know that my vet has a client that breeds corgis and he was VERY impressed with Gunnar. He said that Gunnar is TOP quality. Kathleen, you really are breeding show quality dogs - I hope you know that.
         Talk to you soon. Gunnar and Annie send hugs and kisses!


    Gunner at five months

    Annie Gunnar's half sister

    Jane wrote about Desmond:

    Desmond is 7 months old and we just neutered him...poor guy.. He's doing great!!!!


    Gina wrote about Gunnar:

    I had Gunny neutered last month and he had to spend the entire day at the vet’s. When I went to pickup Gunny late that afternoon, my vet who, is probably 6’2” and 250 pounds, brought Gunny out to me himself, holding Gunny in his arms, and saying “he’s soooooooooo cute!”. His wife who works with him says that Dr. Adams stopped everytime he passed Gunny’s crate that day and said “you are sooooooooooooo cute”. She finally ask him “why do you keep saying that dog is so cute, you’ve always been a fan of the larger breeds” and Dr. Adams replied to his wife “but he’s soooooooooooo cute”.


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