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I am writing this to warn all those who buy from Pet Shops and Puppy Mills.

I am a hobby/show breeder with a limited number of dogs. I breed to produce the best examples of the breed with characteristics that are important and best represent the breed standard. I evaluate each puppy for show potential, keeping the best to be my next show hopefuls. The rest are placed as pets. I produce excellent quality puppies from excellent quality dogs, so you will get a puppy that is bred for quality, temperament, and intelligence at a reasonable price!

Please do not buy from pet stores. The puppies are often supplied by puppy mills. Beware of puppy mills: their only goal is to produce puppies to sell. People who run puppy mills do not care about the quality of animal they produce. Most often, they have as many as 15 or more dogs living in small crowded concrete runs and/or cages.  They live their lives in these cages or runs only to be bred over and over again until they can no longer produce puppies and when they are no longer needed they are either sold at dog auctions or put to death. They are not loved or cared for. Many are sick and never vet checked. Many are in-bred without regards to producing healthy and/or sound puppies.

The Pembroke Corgi is a herding breed thriving on individual attention from humans. They love to work and please their masters, whether its driving cattle or sitting on his master's lap. They deserve love and attention back from their human counterparts and NEVER to be treated like an object! Make sure you always buy from a reputable breeder.

My puppies come with AKC limited registration, first shots, de-worming, and health guarantee.
AKC FULL REGISTRATION available to approved show homes only.


If you wish to find out more about Puppy Mills here's just one link:



Suggestions on Finding that Reputable Breeder

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a smart, lovable, happy breed. You want your pet Corgi to live a long, healthy life and to be a cheerful, well-adjusted and well-behaved dog. Here are some questions to ask a breeder to help you make an informed decision.

1. "Can you tell me some of the qualities of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi? Can you tell me some of the good and bad traits of the Corgi?"
Answer: A good breeder should be familiar enough with the breed to be able to answer any question about the breed you may have.

2. "Are the puppies up-to-date on their shots and deworming?"
Answers: Puppies should have had their first shots at the age of 6 weeks and been wormed at least once. Each puppy should have a written health record recording everything that has been given and done medically to the puppy, (shots, worming, and any other procedures).  Puppies should also be guaranteed against infectious diseases.

3. "At what age can the puppy leave to go to its new home?"
Answer: At Eight to Ten weeks of age at the earliest.

4.  "Do you require your pet puppies to be spayed or neutered?
Answer:  A good breeder should stress how important it is to have your pet spayed or neutered and be able to back his statements up with facts. Breeding dogs is expensive, time consuming, and can be dangerous as well as heart breaking. It should only be taken on by a professional and one who is knowledgeable in doing so.

5. "Do you belong to a regional breed club or kennel club?"
Answer: A breeder who belongs to these clubs agree to a code of ethics requiring them to be conscientious and honest. One place to visit to see a the Code of Ethics that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of America requires members to follow is  Ethical breeders have more experience and have access to information on their breed. They can refer you to other good and ethical breeders. You can be assured that these are not puppy-mill operations or backyard-breeders.

6."Where are the puppies raised?"
Answer: Puppies should be raised indoors as they receive much needed socialization and bond better to people. This is very important in the development of a puppies personality. They require human contact early in life.

7. "Do you offer any help and literature on training and other things?"
Answer: Good breeders are happy to help with these issues. A good breeder will make sure when you leave with your new puppy that you take home information on the raising, feeding, care, and training of you new puppy.


As humans we domesticated the dog and as such we must accept the responsibility for our dogs to have loving homes, receive the proper medical care and training, to be protected against careless procreation, and to live a life that is happy, free of hunger, sickness, and violence.  Remember to carefully think and plan for the changes that owning a dog brings before bringing one into your life. It is a large responsibility, as it is an addition to your family and a lifelong responsibility.


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